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NJS’ Dream

Every enterprise in the world has the dream. Particularly the human’s dream is the richest. The same, NJS has own dream and also China Dream. We always keep in mind of the importance of our responsibility and development. Responsible working manner plays importance on NJS’ development and so we must cherish our position and development as well as seriously treat own work. If we don’t well deal with trifles at ourselves positions, there may bring damage to NJS in development. The basis of keeping development with NJS certainly is the opportunity with time progress and by everyone’s struggling. As the international shipping and logistics industries continuously develops up and down and the international shipping index BDI has experienced from about 5000 to about 650, we have gone through rapid growth during 2006-2008 and slow growth during 2008-2012, deeply feeling the achievement and depression. However, our continue development also relies on joint efforts by each employee. Their efforts bring power to the company. Thus, NJS’ dream is our staff’s own ones. If only there is a dream, there is power. Everyone’s growth can just create more value for the company. If you make efforts to grow, we will create developing chance. If you have growed up, we can supply the stage of display the talent for you. If your attitude and action promotes company’s development, then we will give you favorable return accordingly. That’s NJS’s dream!