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Growth process

Before NJS was established, we panted for a simple stage.Via a few of years, we pant for a outstanding stage. For the time being, we have seen that shipping industry and logistics industry have been supported by our government. As a member of the shipping and logistics industry, we always trust that the industry has good prospects. NJS has been being a well continuely developing company since NJS was founded.. NJS’ future is yearning and beautiful. NJS would have all staff be cheerful and proud of its development.

NJS’ development is not only of buiness but also of people. The most importance is people oriented. The main is to improve virtue and quality and to hoist business capacity. It’s seen to us that NJS’ development is inexorable and self-reliance. Each step is a test with risk and challenge. How are our staff during the long-run development? Shall we step together ?Or shall we stop or half step to fall behind? The answer just depends on each oneself. Thus, any one person of the staff who have strived to grow together with us is the one’s life miracle.