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Cargos Transport

Whats large cargo transportation? Its different from general cargo. Large cargo, with the feature of over length, over width, over height and over weight, need apply to paratractor, flat truck, all kind of flatrack, multiple wheel flat rack, gantry, crane, man-power dragging tool for receipt to route to the destination. The ultimate trait of large cargo transportation is complicated in prior period and has high request of space and technique during transporting procedure. As far as large cargo transportation, the transporting procedure is a comparatively complicated thing. Speed need keeping steady. The work in prior period is the climax. So technique, experience and hard facilities is the fundamental combination.

Our company work with native professional fleets and keep good cooperation relationship for large cargo transportation. We put monitoring measures in place, make communication and feedback in time, ensure cargos all-in-one fixed data from pick-up to the port. The fleets keep close contacting with us and serve us all year round, mainly forwarding engineering equipment, machine equipment, transformer, water power station equipment, civil engineering full set equipment, wind energy equipment, petrol project, crane, port equipment, boiler, crawler crane, frac tank and the like large cargo. We professionally undertake transportation of large and heavy cargo, lifting, installing and placing of full set of project engineer. We provide clients service of good quality and high efficiency with all our heart.