Commecial Inspection and CO/Form A Service-尼捷航运(环球)有限公司
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CO/Form A Service

CO/Form A Service

We can provide quickly dealing with the original certificates issued by CCPIT or embassy at favorable prices for companies without imp&exp.right. The original certificates includes C/O, Commercial Inspection Certificates, Form A, Form E, Form F, Form M, Certificates issued by embassy, CCPIT Invoice, Certificates of Origin in the commercial invoice.

Agency of Dealing with certificates and authentication as follows

Certificates including:

1. Certificate of origin of the European Union

2. Common Certificate of Origin

3. GSP Form A

4. ASEAN certificate of origin(Form E)

5. Certificate of origin in Chile(Form F)

6. Form P /FTA

7. Certificate of origin in Asia Pacific(FM)

8. Chinese - New Zealand Certificate of origin

9. China - Peru certificate of origin

Authentication including:

1. Invoice/Packing list/Bill of Entry/Contracts authenticated by CCPIT

2. C/O from Beijing/Hongkong/Shanghai/Invoice/Bill of Entry/Packing list issued by Embassy of Egypt

3. C/O from Beijing/Shanghai/Invoice/Bill of Entry/Packing list/Price list issued by Embassy of Argentina

4. C/O from Beijing/Hongkong/Invoice/SASO issued by The Saudi Embassy